Blessings Loved Ones, Everyone,
This attached sound recording/file is said to help our pineal gland adjust to the rapid energy changes going on within and around our planet/mother earth. It is a download for us. I listened to it for the first time last Monday night, and it's helping my brain and electromagnetic field adjust and get very clear after 2 weeks of sleep disturbances and other very uncomfortable sensations. If you want more info about where this came from, the links are below. It explains what is going on energetically in the past few months and to come, and how it may be affecting many of us. I found it deeply helpful. The recording can be listened to every day, multiple times a day. But listen to it on a good sound system. I burned a cd to play in a good stereo while I was meditating, eyes closed. I trust you will share it with those you are guided to.

All My Love,
Hari Bhajan Kaur

Haiti and the Chaotic Node

Dimensional Attunement of the Pineal( (free download)