Los Angeles, California     April 8, 1971

"After meditating at the Lotus Feet of my Master, who has granted me liberation from the time cycle and the cycle of Karma, oh my sweet student teacher of the day, I disclose to you the secret of the Nam. If you care to listen to me this day and will practice you will be liberated like me. I have seen the God. It is a light equal to millions and billions of rays of sunlight. It is the cosmic energy which is the brightest of the brightest and most beautiful of the beautiful. Nothing beyond this can be said. It is the greatest of the great. When the Master, through his blessing blesses you, you will realize this within you.

Out of the 4 Yugs (Ages) which the scriptures described, one was Sat Yug - the Age of Truth or Golden Age. Then came Treta Yug, when the truth was 3/4 full and it was the Silver Age. After this came Doapar Yug when the truth was 1/2 revealed. Thereafter came the Kali Yug when the truth is 1/4. This Yug is known as the Dark Age - Age of Steel or Machine Age. The duration of each is respectively 1,728,000, 1,296,000, 864,000 and 432,000 human years, a ratio of 4, 3, 2, 1. This ratio is found to prevail in many sacred computations. These 4 Yugs together make 4,320,000 Earth years of what is called a Maha Yug or Great Age. In Sat Yug, the Age of Innocence, or Truth, man was one with the Divine and he realized the vibration which this Cosmic Energy created to make Prakriti (manifestation) and man meditated on the Nam "ONG" - the vibration of the Divine. After this came Treta Yug when the power of the truth came to 3/4, the being became weak and he recited the Nam "Sohang". Through this vibration he acknowledged his identity with the Divine which means "I am you". Thereafter came the Doapar Age when truth was weakened to 1/2 and man recited "ONG NAMO NARAYANA"; he worshipped the God in the form. We are now in the Steel Age - Age of Machine which is represented by a circle, which is the wheel of creation. It works with the power represented by another wheel which runs it. Constant vibrations from that wheel of Cosmic energy gives power of life movement to this wheel of creation. Now my dear sweet love, you draw one circle like the wheel and put another circle like a wheel over it (wheel over wheel) will make the figure 8 which according to the Science of Numerology represents Infinity turned sideways.

Spermatozoa take 8 circles around the egg before union takes place. There are 26 bones supporting the human foundation, that is the foot and there are 26 vertebrae in your spinal column: 2 + 6- 8, therefore said the Master, "Whosoever in this Machine Age will meditate and recite the Mantra which will be the Glory to the Lord and will have 8 vibrations, will open the lock of ignorance and darkness and this will liberate the being and will unite him with the Divine." Thus the Master meditated and came one with the Lord and gave the Mantra EK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WHA GURU, which has 8 vibrations and describes the Glory of the Lord. Thus said the Master, "In the time period 2-1/2 hours before the rising of the Sun when the channels are most clear, if the Mantra is sung in sweet harmony you will be one with the Lord. This will open the solar plexis, which in turn will charge the solar centers - they will get connected with the Cosmic Energy and thus man will be liberated from the time cycle of Karmas and those who will meditate on this Mantra in silence will charge their solar centers and be one with the Divine. That is why with the blessing of my Master I speak to you of why we should meditate and recite this Mantra.

All Mantras are good, they are all for the awakening of the Divine but this Mantra is effective and is the Mantra for this time, so my lovely student, at the will of my Master I teach you the greatest Divine Key which has 8 levers and this key can open the lock of the time which is 8 in figure (wheel over wheel). Therefore, when this Mantra is sung in the neck lock, at the point where Prana and Apana meet Sushumana, this vibration opens the lock thus one becomes one with the Divine.

In the town of Goindwal in Panjab, India, even today this Divine Mantra is still inscribed on the walls of the Bowli Sahib (sacred well) at the house of Guru Amar Das, the Guru of Guru Ram Das through whose blessing today we vibrate in the Divine ecstacy. I disclose to you today this secret of the Divine for the uplift of humanity and those who will follow it will be liberated and be one with the Divine.

--Yogi Bhajan 

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